First of all FDIC is paid for by member banks; Even in the best of time the $250k capped FDIC insurance would only cover the first 3-5% of people in line; This is because the total cash-value of the fund is static,

Now of course SVB had a situation where 92% of the entire portfolio of deposits was greater than $250k; Which begs the question, what the FUCK were they thinking?? Knowing it wasn't insured;

Of course we know that SVB is the bank of inQtel, aka the SV bank of the CIA; Since inQtel was created in the 1990's and picked chose our woke, gay winners, e.g. future entrepreneurs. Pre-condition on all VC ( venture capital aka free-money ) was to be held in SVB.

The reason for lack of diligence is like all things everybody was just following orders;

So now we have +30 years of the CIA/DOD picking and choosing high-tech winners and dissing the losers; They have built a large pile of shit; Funding Unicorns where on a good day maybe 90% of all these high-tech incubating companys will NEVER make a profit;

So what better than bail them out, before they all like Icarus returned to earth;

Regarding Buffet, OMG what's to say, a creep in Omaha think Boy's-Town biggest pedophile scandal in USA history is ran from, which is the reason why all the REAL pedo's must rally their wagons at this time, as you all know the EPSTEIN client list is to be released;

Buffet made his bucks in the insurance business, he perfected the model "collect premiums, invest free money in stock market, and deny claims", making buffet the richest man on earth for a time;

In summary the reason for the airplanes is not banking, its pedophilia, how will the world's elite CEO's handle the coming world of shit; My personal guess on SVB is that CIA knows the USD/USA is about to break so they want to shift into GOLD ASAP, which is clearly shown by GOLD going astro.

*** A note in case you didn't know Google, Oracle, Microsoft, facebook every fucking 'winner' in the USA high tech stable is a front for NSA&CIA, essentially global spying to protect USA hegemony

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