So your covered even if you non-insured

But what if your white or straight are you still insured

What if your insured, but blacks and homo's in line are un-insured who is first in the line??

Everybody see where this is going???

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Senile old farts running our banks, our gov, is there a reason??

Orlovs say's that when soviet union failed the old guard would never quit, and they would never let the young get in, and the old were afraid the young would kick out those old incompetent senile farts

So it just got worse & worse until the former Russia collapsed;

Biden clearly doesn't know up from down, and yellen doesn't know a big bank from a small bank

The old guard is terrified that the young guard like AOC is going to claw-back all their stolen wealth, Trump included;

All these people will die in office, rather than giving up power, in the meantime people behind the scenes do as they please.

Trump was always going on about how BIG is good. During lockdown WALMART stayed open, and ma&pa stores forced to close;

Reason? Social credit spending is coming and big-stores have it already built-in, and ma&pa do not, so they're trying to kill all small banks and small shops

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