SFIX and PLAY were up big today after surprise earnings beats. This time Zacks and LikeFolio's social data were caught by surprise. I have adjusted my exit orders on them and LOVE to get out with ~20% gains, in case these stocks fall below our break evens by expiration, but I'm not optimistic about SFIX and PLAY.

I'm also looking into another source of data to use to screen these trades. It's very expensive, but if it turns a few losses per month into wins it could be worth it. We'll see.

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I am going to sit the last 2 days out and just watch as I am down some or all on 9 option trades with you at this time. I did squeeze a $700 profit out of the Path trade to counter some of the ones that expired worthless last week and about 75% or so of the ones I have exited were at a profit. I know that many of the bank ones have months to go and will reverse, just a little gun shy seeing it down on paper so much.

One question is why did so many bank ones go down so much on paper so quickly? Still educating myself.

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