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Fuck saving the banks

Deposit insurance was so that ma&pa would take their money out of the mattress and bring back to the banks;

During 1929 post depression, all confidence in banks was lost, only those that had cash in the mattress could buy crap;

It's took decades before USA gov restored 'confidence'

Banks&bankers are going to do what they always have done 'steal deposits', & customer assets, the insurance is supposed to protect the little people

Now we're told there is no longer a $250k cap, so that means everybody is covered and of course nobody is covered; So now we're back to 1929 all over again, and the smart will get their cash out and stash where only they have access;

Criminals running the GOV? who knew?

FDIC is a joke, even with the $250k cap, there was never enough 'cash' to cover more than 3% of the people in line; What they're doing right now is dropping expectations, they know collapse is coming soon; Sure they can 'print' to infinity, but the problem is USA imports everything, and nobody wants to trade toilet-paper for hard goods;

What's happened at SVB is just that they were the bank of the "CIA" called inQtel, basically a money laundering operation, but $300B; They know collapse is coming so CIA insiders of SV ( Thiel ) got their cash out and bought GOLD;

Cash-Reserves for insurance are pretty much zip at this point, so now sure the FED-RES will create a back-door to fund all 'banks', but the truth is only the BIG-BANKS can ramp up the 'computers/networks' quick enough to meet demand of outflows;

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