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Trading Update: Which Signals Are Strongest Now

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Trade Alert: Betting Against A Bond Insurer

Predicting Price Movements Post-Earnings

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How Not To Get Beaten By BUD

Trade Alert: Earnings, 10/30/2023

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War Clouds Call For Bulletproof Investing

Top Names, 10/19/2023

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Trade Alert: Doubling Down

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Top Names, 10/12/2023

Beating The Market While Hedging

Top Names, 10/5/2023

An Oversold Gold Miner

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Trade Alert: Another Oversold Company Pops

Top Names, 9/28/2023

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Portfolio Armor's New #1 Name

Relative Strength Index

Trade Alert: An Oversold Materials Stock

Top Names, 9/21/2023

A Bargain Bet On Oil

Trade Alert: Another Biotech Lottery Ticket

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Trade Alert: An Under-The-Radar Industrial

Trade Alert: Betting Against A Bouncing Meme Stock

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Raging Against The Machines

Biotech Trade Update

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Top Names, 8/31/2023

Trade Alert: Update

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Trade Alert: Update

Exits, 8/25/2023

Trading The Decline

Top Names, 8/24/2023

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Trade Alert: A Microcap Gem

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Trading Isn't For Everyone

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Trade Alert: A Biotech Lottery Ticket

Trade Alert: Update

Top Names, 8/17/2023

Trade Alert: Blood In The Streets

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Trade Alert: Tripling Down

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Trade Alert: Black Gold Again

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A Trading Experiment

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Trade Alert: An Under The Radar Manufacturer

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Update On Our Homebuilder

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Top Names, 7/6/2023

Betting On Another Homebuilder

Exits, 6/30/2023

Top Names, 6/29/2023

Trade Alert: A Miner Minting Money

The Nuclear Option

Dodging A Bullet In Russia

Exits, 6/23/2023

Top Names, 6/22/2023

Trade Alert: Betting Against Another Meme Stock

Trade Alert: Earnings, 6/20/2023

Exits, 6/16/2023

Trade Alert: AI Beneficiaries

Top Names, 6/15/2023

Trade Alert: Black Gold

Trade Alert: Fading The Rally In Meme Stocks

Exits, 6/9/2023

The Trump Federal Indictment

Top Names, 6/8/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 6/8/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 6/7/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 6/6/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 6/5/2023

Exits, 6/2/2023

Trade Alert: Even More Regional Bank Bets

Theme From An Imaginary AI Trade

Top Names, 6/1/2023

Trade Alert: More Bets Against Regional Banks

Trade Alert: Earnings, 5/31/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 5/30/2023

Not The Worst Banks

Exits, 5/26/2023

Top Names, 5/25/2023

The Regional Banks Most Likely To Go Bust

A Quick Heads Up

Trade Alert: Earnings, 5/24/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings, 5/23/2023

Trade Alert: Earnings (Bearish)

Trade Alert: Earnings, 5/22/2023

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Top Names, 5/18/2023

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Exits, 5/12/2023

Top Names, 5/11/2023

"There's A Lot More Bodies Coming"

Trade Alert: Update

Trade Alert: A Bonus Trade

The Banks Most Likely To Go Bust

Trade Alert: Seven New Earning Trades

Exits, 5/5/2023

Betting Against Another Regional Bank

Top Names, 5/4/2023

More Bets Against Regional Banks

How To Save Bud Light

Trade Alert: Regional Banks

It Feels Like Christmas Morning

Trade Alert: Two More Earnings Trades

Trade Alert: Betting Against Another Bank

A Week Of Wins (And One Loss)

Top Names, 4/27/2023

Trade Alert: Betting Against A Social Media Company

Trade Alert: Another Bet Against A Bank

Trade Alert: Betting Against An Electric Car Co.

Trade Alert: Profiting From First Republic's Fall

Not A Bank Run, But A Bank Walk

Bud Light Marketing Lady Replaced

Top Names, 4/20/2023

Trade Alert: Out of the Tesla Earnings Trade

Trade Alert: Tesla's Earnings

Trade Alert: Another Bet On A Homebuilder

Trade Alert: Betting Against Another Bank

Trade Alert: Betting Against A Bank Vendor

Top Names, 4/13/2023

The Macro Picture

Is This How You Get Nazis?

Substack Takes On Twitter; Twitter Strikes Back

Top Names, 4/6/2023

The Great White Defendant

Why The Fed May Not Be Done Raising Rates

Shorting A Fake AI Name

Trade Alert (Free)

Top Names, 3/30/2023

Trade Alert: Betting On A Homebuilder

Trade Alert: “Fake And Gay”

Trade Alert: Out of RDW Puts for a 80% Gain

Trade Alert: Betting Against A Crypto Company

Top Names, 3/23/2023

The Russia-China Alliance

Why Deposit Insurance Won't Save The Banks

Trade Alert: Taking Advantage of Weakness

Trade Alert

The No-Win Scenario

A Busy Bank Crisis Weekend

Trump Reportedly To Be Arrested Next Week

First Republic Deposit Infusion Fails To Quell The Crisis

Top Names, 3/16/2023

Trade Alert: Betting *On* A Bank This Time

Preventing The Next Bank Collapse

Trade Alert

Banks: The Eye Of The Hurricane?

Could Your Bank Be Next?

Bank Run In Silicon Valley

Trade Alert

Top Names, 3/9/2023

A Lesson From Silvergate

Another Buying Opportunity

Playing With The House's Money

Top Names, 3/2/2023

Trade Alert: CNBC Makes Us Money

Another Bite At The Apple

A Week Of Wins

Trade Alert

Top Names, 2/23/2023

Trade Alert

Trade Alert

Do You Want To See This Kind Of Post?

Trade Alert

Top Names, 2/16/2023

Trade Alert

A New Catalyst For Meme Stocks?

Trade Alert

How Much Longer Will The Ukraine War Last?

An Interesting Super Bowl Bet

"A Debacle For The Ages"

Staying In Top Names

Top Names, 2/9/2023

Trade Alert

Trade Alert

A Good Day To Bet Against Stocks

A Rising Tide Lifts ARK (For Now)

Trade Alert

Before KOLD Goes Cold

Top Names, 2/2/2023

That Was Unexpected

Trade Alert

Making Sense of Memphis

The Meaning of the Google Layoffs

Top Names, 1/26/2023

Trade Alert

Netflix Expands Its Moat

Top Names, 1/19/2023

The End of American Hegemony

Blood Bath & Beyond

Top Names, 1/12/2023

Technical Issue With Previous Email

Fading The Risk-On Rally In Weak Stocks

CPI Day Gameplan

Riding The Natural Gas Rollercoaster

Top Names, 1/5/2023

Buying Umbrellas Before The Next Rainstorm

The Woke Infiltration of American Institutions

What Comes Next